This is an english post just because my primary target are english speaking member of OpenSSL dev team and OpenSSL Foundation.

I am preparing a presentation of 'OpenSSL after Heartbleed' for a local event in France called JM2L ( Mediterannean Days for 'Libre' ). This presentation is on my own and mainly prepared on my after work time, even if i plan to presnet it internaly to my co-workers my target is to add valuable content to JM2L organized by Linux-Azur Association.

I did collect many data available on web and some coming from my knowledge, but this lack of real substance, i mean i want to gather more human deepness. If i was a journalist, i would have taken a flight ticket to meet in person many of the key people behind this project, but i am not, and i am not sure to have this kind of skill. The more i prepare my presentation the more i wonder if i have the right to present something i didn't actively participate in, and what is my ground to have the right to speak about it. Why then did i pick this ? Because i know a little bit of it and it is a valuable library that every web developper, security engineer has to deal with in his carreer, and one library that is behind more thatn half of secure web sites in the world. It just mean that any internet user has one day eaten some of https content generated through libssl. Of course i will make sure people understand this is a user view, even if it is a developper user view with some professional related knowledge. One part of my duty is to present data in french, because, well, because people there are french, because i am french and i this would be stupid to massacre Shakespeare langage not even to be understood by a minority of people.

Then i would like to have few sentences from you OpenSSL key people who made this wonderful tool to live and survive even stronger against adversity :

I already collected internet information about many people listed there, but if you provide your own information, i will use yours. More over this could be a valuable information to put on OpenSSL site and then contribute to the future ( for 2018 twenty years of OpenSSL ? ).

- Quickly Who you are.

- Why did you come to this project ? - Why do you stay ? - What is your focus area on this project ? - How did you feel about heartbleed ? - What is your dream for OpenSSL future ? - Are there things you would do differently now than before – a specific CVE event affected a piece of code you were directly or indirectly involved - . ? - Anything else that you find relevant.

Here list of people mentioned in my presentation :

- Initial creator Eric Andrew Young and Tim Hudson

- OpenSSL foundation  ( not already cited ) Dr. Steve Henson Richard Levitte Steve Marquess Rich Salz

Official developers ( not already cited ) Matt Caswell Mark J. Cox Viktor Dukhovni Lutz Jänicke Emilia Käsper Ben Laurie Steve Marquess Richard Levitte Bodo Möller Andy Polyakov Kurt Roeckx Geoff Thorpe And valuable contributors :

Jonas Maebe Felix Laurie von Massenbach

Don't feel offended if you are not cited here, if you consider to have something usefull to add you anyway will have more inner view than i am. To answer you can use wiki : or OpenSSL team blog …